Care For Me

Care For Me

Technology has changed the way society acts. Mobile devices are widely used in the worlds as a part of the technology, especially the iPhone devices. iPhone is supported by the Apple App Store, the world’s largest app marketplace, which allows developers to build and add applications. The category of social networking in the Apple App Store is one of the most active categories, and allows users to add and download different types of social apps.

The main aim of this app is to build a social networking application to share personal information between friends. The app allows users to answer different types of personal questions about what they like and dislike.

This app is designed to help people who need care and help from other people who provide this, allowing them to update each other with information they input day by day. The app creates a store bank of answers to different types of very personal questions about likes and dislikes. All information about a user will come from answering questions when prompted by the app.

All this information helps other people to care for us when we cannot speak for ourselves in the future (because of illness or accident). The people who look after us will know that they are doing what we would have wanted, and we will know how to care for others.

The app contains questions arranged according to different topics, such as food and drink, sports, health, weather, people etc.

This app can also serve as a place where people who want to care for someone can send a request to that person. After accepting, the carer can look for hints about the person’s tastes through their answers to questions. Also they can make contact by sending email inside the app. That means the app shares personal information only between trusted friends.

The idea for this app comes from Frances Byrnes, Royal Literary Fund Writer Fellow in the Department of Animal Plant and Sciences. She cares for her mother, who has dementia. Her husband had a stroke at a young age and was aphasic (he knew everything that was going on, but couldn’t ask for simple things.) She thinks this app will be both useful and reassuring to users. It will also serve as a moving record of the character and loves of the ill person that might be otherwise lost to us. She hopes it will appeal to people even when they are young, because of the nature of the questions and the friendships it reinforces.


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